Anecdotally in practice we encounter women who by definition have undergone a recognisable stressful event that has provoked significant symptoms – in this case – abortion.

The diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders 5th edition published by the American psychological association in 2013 task force – stresses that Post traumatic stress disorder experts include abortion as a low traumatic event that could be diagnosed as PSTD were it not for its subjectivity; meaning that the traumatic effects of abortions are dependent on each individual, thus we cannot generalise that there are no psychological effects after an abortion.

This is exactly the post abortive clinical practice we encounter at priceless life. We are here to uphold the right of every woman to exercise her rights to be the expert of her own life and experience.

Hence, we cannot ignore the voices of countless women who have expressed adverse life changing reactions due to their decision to abort.

Post abortive emotions encountered in clinical practice

  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Helplessness
  • Compound grief and an unnamed loss can become pathological mourning giving way to depression self- injury and suicide
  • Insecurity in oneself
  • Persistent negative emotional blame of self and others

Post abortive psychological morbidity found in clinical practice

  • Dysphoria – dissatisfaction with life in general
  • Comorbid disturbances such as depression, anxiety
  • Avoidance and emotional blunting to subsequent post abortion live children – parenting attachment difficulties.
  • Interference to the instinctual protective mechanisms of a parent – resulting in a degree of abuse and neglect to consequent live children
  • Research by Kumar and Ronson as cited in an article published by Ney, Ball and Shiels (2010), shows that women are more likely to be depressed following the birth of a child that has been preceded by an abortion.
  • A greater frequency of romantic relational losses following an abortion
  • Self- destructive behaviours in the form of addictions, substance abuse and risk taking behaviours.
  • In our group therapy we speak about the post abortive woman suddenly facing two deaths, her aborted child and the person she should have become.
  • In most cases our counsellees report the following: if they had the support of a partner and others, they would have kept the pregnancy